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Marketing And Branding Agreement

Apr 10th, 2021

The partner may only use the brands of the services in print and online advertising and marketing materials specifically for the marketing and resale of services. The use of service marks on equipment or other equipment to be provided as part of the services is subject to SYB`s prior written authorization. In the case of such an authorization, any use must comply with SYB`s marketing policies. This agreement may be amended or amended in writing by mutual agreement between the parties if the writing is signed by the party that is bound by the amendment. These general marketing and branding terms, as they apply from time to time, establish the general terms of sale and branding of services (“services”) that will be marketed by soundtrack Your Brand Sweden AB (“SYB,” “we,” “ours”) in connection with resale, distribution or other cooperation with us (the “partnership agreement”). Resignation for non-professionalism. The company is committed to providing a positive program experience for all program participants. By signing below, the Customer agrees that the company, at its sole discretion, may terminate the contract and terminate or remove any participant from the suite at any time without reimbursement if the participant is no longer in compliance with the program`s instructions, which are troublesome or difficult to work with. They do not constitute or act representatives of SYB or its licensees and are not authorized to act on behalf of or on behalf of an agreement or other obligation on behalf of SYB or its licensees, or to provide a condition or other guarantee, or to represent on behalf of SYB or its licensees; and the partner undertakes to market the services only under the brand names defined by SYB. Under no circumstances does the partner (i) market services under other brand names or (ii) under SYB-designated trademarks in combination with other brands, trade names, domain names, words or symbols, “line tag,” “sleep line” or “enhanced declaration,” whether in the possession of the partner or a third party, including co-branding, double-branding or other combinations.

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Oct 2021

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