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Rebate Agreement Type Determines

Apr 11th, 2021

Examples of reference types: Annual Renewal and Customer Update Auth. Group dictates the group of people empowered to report an agreement or make changes. These groups are defined in basic data/configurations and selected at the time the contract is implemented. Enter items or categories to be associated with the growth bonus type using the group field for participation points and growth bonus categories. Choose how to calculate the discount for this reduction rule using the discounts calculated that field. The values are the amount and the percentage. Owner role options are set in the configuration and selected at the time the contract is implemented. Click here to access the Discount – Supplier Sites page. Use this page to specify certain vendor sites where the discount agreement ID can be used when purchasing an order. The index type contains the type that was created and configured for Business Object/MRI/IPAGR. Setting-2: After establishing the agreements, the system calculates the deductions from each applicable invoice and updates these discount limits in the rebate agreement to see that few invoices are established.

You can view sales volume and a drilldown in the discount agreement. For example, a customer may have his own agree ID that he wants for the agreement, so that a place to enter such an identifier is provided in this field. Payment procedure Value in this field controls the limit of manual payments against a discount agreement. Here you can select A to allow manual payments up to the limit value, B to allow manual payments up to the value of the Pro Forma clearing, or C unlimited, or you can leave the field empty, in which case SAP does not allow manual payments. A discount agreement defines the details of the discount. In the agreement, z.B. The agreement requirement preview function allows the requirement to be changed before it is stored. The button is used to check the rules of the agreement. It informs the user of the rules that are missing from the required fields. Note that attribute testing is done at the model level and not at the agreement level. Note: Reset completely redefines the default VALUES of VAT. This does not necessarily mean that they are reset to their original values.

For example, the user may not have changed the default VAT values, but if a field of VAT drivers changes, you can click Reset all VAT standards to redefine all defaults based on the driver`s new value. To grant discounts, the seller usually signs an agreement with the customer that contains all the necessary details such as agreed sales objectives, the period during which these objectives must be concluded, and the conditions of reduction such as percentage, dollar coin or lump sum. The seller then tracks the volume of turnover achieved by the debtor for discounted products and periodically takes into account the reduction limits according to the accounting methods of the organization. If the objectives are successfully met, the seller pays the amount of the discount to Debitor. This step is called discount compensation. More information about discount processing in SAP can be found in the help documents on the SAP help portal. The State tab contains fields showing the authorized global status of the agreement itself and buttons to navigate to different areas regarding the approval process. However, if I manufacture RAs with the combination of “sales surface” and “EAN” (MARA-EAN11) of the type of packaging selling area, boat-to-EAN11 combination, the field “Material for compensation” is necessary as input. Since the “Material for Compensation” field is KONP-BOMAT with MARA control panel, I cannot install EAN for the material because it requires a MARA-MATNR field.

Shows only the open agreement requirements that are attached to the agreement. If no reference type is selected, the field will be used by default on “Reference” for the new agreement.

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