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Running Account Credit Agreement

Oct 5th, 2021

The lack of payments could have serious consequences and make it difficult to obtain credit in the future. You may be subject to legal proceedings and enforcement actions to collect this debt and our reasonable legal fees and expenses. We may order the insurer that provided the insurance policy to terminate it. Loans are used from time to time to finance insurance premiums. Monthly repayments begin and will continue to be payable on the same day of each subsequent month, while a balance is not outstanding under this Agreement. Whenever you use an amount of credit or if you reduce the amount you have used, we charge the amount of your monthly repayments by adding the interest at the current interest rate to the amount of the use, taking into account the balance outstanding on that date and distributing the sum of these amounts in an equal number of months, through which the use must be reimbursed. We will tell you the amount of the refunds and the dates on which they are to be paid. You can make additional payments at any time. Once this agreement is concluded, we may vary refunds in accordance with clause 6 and will notify you of the amount of new refunds and the date on which they are to be paid. This agreement has no fixed duration. 19. You may have the right to sue the insurer, us or both, if you have received unsatisfactory goods or services that have been paid for under the agreement and cost more than £100 and not more than £30,000. 20.

We may terminate this agreement immediately (subject to termination under the Consumer Credit Act 1974) if you breach the terms of the contract. We can also terminate them in writing with a period of 2 months. We may suspend, restrict or terminate your right to obtain credits at any time for any objectively justified reason. If we do, we will write to you before or immediately after such suspension, unless we do not have to do so by law. You can terminate the contract at any time by notifying us in writing and paying what you owe….

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Oct 2021

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