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Sample Artwork Loan Agreement

Oct 5th, 2021

The loan agreement breaks down the works of art to be borrowed as well as the place, date and title of the exhibition. 1. ARTWORK LOAN This Loan art contract is entered into by (Lender) and the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education on behalf of (enter the name of the campus and location) as follows: Exhibition Title: Exhibition Start/Close Date and Location: Lender and Address: Home Phone: Office: Lender Email Address: Line of Credit for Label and Catalog: Artist: How many works of art are subject to the agreement? (The lender shall provide in writing the information requested in this Agreement regarding each work of art. Title and date of work: Support: Dimensions without frame or base in inches: Dimensions with frame or base in inches: Sale/insurance value of the work: is the work available for purchase? The agreement provides that the borrower is responsible for the collection of the artist`s works and the making available after the end of the exhibition. 4 2. To the extent that the lender does not choose to maintain its own insurance cover during the loan period, the institution shall insure that work of art, under non-life all-risk insurance, up to the amount indicated in front of this Agreement against all risks of physical loss or damage for external reasons, while they are on site for the duration of the loan. The Directive referred to contains restrictions in cases of force majeure and the usual exclusions for loss or damage due to wear and tear, progressive deterioration, moth, vermin, inherent lorry or damage resulting from an authorised process of repair, restoration or alteration or from causes such as hostile or bellicose acts in time of peace or war, nuclear, nuclear or radioactive violence; Reaction or contamination, insurrection, rebellion, civil war, usurped power, measures taken by government authorities to hinder, combat or defend such an event, seize or destroy in quarantine or customs regulations, seize on the order of a governmental or public authority or risk illicit smuggling, transport or trafficking. ATTORNEY/CLIENT WITHHOLDING FEES THIS document, agreement or conservation agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) is the written fee agreement required by California law This agreement, developed by ContractStore with ArtQuest, is intended for use when an artist is invited to lend works for an exhibition. The borrower can be a gallery, museum or other organization or business. It contains two pages with the conditions and a calendar indicating the works to be delivered and the insured value – which corresponds to the expected retail value, unless otherwise agreed. Who can use this artist consignment contract? This presentation agreement was developed by ContractStore in collaboration with Artquest (, part of the University of the Arts London. It is easy to read and contains two.

8 10. Any party may terminate this agreement by giving the other party a written period of 30 days without notice. 6 The lender may choose to make arrangements for the repayment of the loan at the lender`s expense, including insurance, at the time of termination of the loan, by notifying the institution in writing fifteen calendar days before the termination of the contract. 5. Except in cases of emergency for the conservation of the work of art, the work of art shall not be cleaned, restored or otherwise modified without the written consent of the lender, except in cases of emergency, in which case the lender shall be informed by telephone and in writing. 6. If the factory is for sale and sold during the term of this loan, the lender pays fifteen percent (15%) of the sale price to the institution. .

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Oct 2021

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