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Stock Option Grant Agreement

Oct 9th, 2021

2.15. Consideration to the Company. Given the granting of options by the company, Optionee is committed to providing loyal and efficient services to the company or a subsidiary. Nothing in the Plan or this Agreement grants Opionee the right to remain in the service of the Company or any subsidiary, or to infringe or otherwise restrict the rights of the Company and its subsidiaries expressly reserved, to dismiss the optionaire if the option is an employee, or (b) to continue to provide services to the Company or a subsidiary or, in any way, to disrupt or restrict the rights of the Company or its subsidiaries, which are expressly reserved herein, to terminate Optionee`s services at any time, if the option is a consultant, with or without cause, unless expressly stated otherwise in a written agreement between the entity and the entity. The exercise of your option must also comply with other applicable laws and regulations that govern your option, and you may not exercise your option if the Company finds that such exercise would not be in full compliance with those laws and regulations. * The terms, conditions and restrictions applicable to your premium, including events in the event of termination or suspension of your employment relationship, are included in this Agreement, which contains the Appendix, and are also consolidated in the Prospectus. . . .

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Oct 2021

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