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Tenancy Agreement Communal Areas

Oct 10th, 2021

I have come to the conclusion that due to the grey areas in which cleaning and repairs are possible among tenants, Rent to Rent hmo`s should be regulated more strictly than ever, the owner`s manager seems to have more carte blanche to repair larger and even minor repairs than a Mr Responsible Look After You Tenant Manager, after all, most owner-managers are short-term adventures… Sorry, joint ventures. In the first case, the group of tenants rents the entire property as a group and as such obtains the right to use the entire property exclusively during the term of the lease (taking into account its responsibility to allow access to maintenance). Thus, an owner is not able to enter common areas without at least 24 hours` notice. My tenant just moved out of the property, which caused some damage to the community hallway. What about withholding a deposit to repair this damage? What happens when a landlord has a cleaner and changes cleaning load, when different H.m.o residents change, where some tenants are more cared for than others and clean after disintegrating and tenants and start to be less caring and respectful towards their roommates by leaving greasy rinses for days or weeks in the sink and on the worktop, Leaving blood in community sinks, leaving noses on shower walls, not emptying containers when they are full and leaving a sledge to flies, storing bicycles and personal belongings in common areas, smoking substance that smells bad outside, do not rinse the toilet and leave ships intentionally in the bend and pan, to name a few.

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Oct 2021

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