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Us Sign Peace Agreement With Taliban

Oct 13th, 2021

The public agreement makes no provision for the Taliban to reduce attacks on Afghan government forces and the annexes to the agreement that outline the implementation of the agreement are closed. However, a spokesman for the US military command in Afghanistan reported in a recent statement of a fifth provision (Military Times, May 6, 2020): Abdullah`s appointment to lead reconciliation efforts followed a power-sharing agreement he signed in May with Ghani to end the political stalemate that followed last year`s elections – a vote, where Abdullah had declared himself the winner. Taliban officials have accused the Afghan government of deliberately postponing the release of 100 Taliban prisoners in order to obstruct Innerafghaese negotiations. To date, at the request of the Trump administration, the Afghan government has released some 5,000 Taliban prisoners. The Afghan government denies the allegations and insists that all Taliban prisoners have been released. A government mediation team is ready to travel to Doha to talk to the Taliban, but the delays have been stubborn. [141] Since the agreement between the United States and the Taliban, violence has even intensified in Afghanistan. Some Taliban fighters have insisted that they continue their jihad “until an Islamic system is established,” prompting concerns that the organization is not really committed to peace. A diplomat who has closely followed the peace process said the Taliban had been deliberately vague in presenting their political vision. In an interview last year, I asked the group`s chief negotiator at the time, Abbas Stanikzai, if they would accept the democratic process.

The agreement set a tentative timeline for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, provided the Taliban prevented international jihadist groups such as al-Qaeda from using their territory to attack the United States or its allies. In the weeks that followed, we knew why. As insurgent attacks on international troops have stopped, fighting with Afghan security forces has continued. The Taliban may also struggle to convince Quetta Shura skeptics — the Taliban`s governing council or Rahbari Shura — like Abdul Qayyum Zakir, Mullah Ibrahim Sadar, Mullah Yaqub and even leader Mawlawi Haibatullah Akhundzada. . . .

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