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Washington State Contingency Fee Agreement

Oct 14th, 2021

You have an accident and you go to a lawyer. He will give you a copy of his fee agreement to sign. It seems longer than you thought. Another big question. Let`s take a hypothetical price of 100,000 that you earn after the trial, and after your agreement, your lawyer takes 40%. Your lawyer also spent 5K preparing the case. Now imagine two different types of spending provisions: “from above” and “from below.” Conditional attorneys` fees mean that no claim will result in attorneys` fees. If there is money for you, the lawyer`s fee is a percentage of the money that the lawyer will charge for you. If you are offered a contingency fee contract, it will be in writing, read it. No matter how much you trust your new lawyer, carefully read any fee agreement presented to you. Ask.

Know what the deal is. This is the smart thing you can do. Most contingency fee agreements are structured in such a way that your lawyer makes more money the longer the case takes to settle. From a client`s point of view, the main advantage of a contingency fee contract is that they don`t owe anything in advance to be able to hire a lawyer. If all personal injury lawyers required their clients to pay thousands of dollars in withholding fees in advance before accepting the case, then only wealthy people could afford to hire a personal injury lawyer. That wouldn`t be fair, and it would leave millions of Americans without high-quality legal representation every year. Simply put, your lawyer`s fees depend on how much you earn. Legally, your lawyer`s fees depend on the outcome of the case.

This is completely different from a criminal fee contract, where you usually pay your lawyer a fixed fee, whether you have been convicted or not. If you hire a lawyer, the fee agreement presented to you will provide you with details of the lawyer`s fees and application fees. Read it carefully. Ask. Know your rights. In addition to an agreement on contingency fees for victims of car accidents, we also offer a free case review for anyone who wants to know more about their legal rights and the merits of their potential case. The most important way a contingency fee contract is beneficial for a lawyer is that the lawyer is rewarded for recovering the highest possible compensation on behalf of the client. As mentioned earlier, accepting an unfair settlement offer from the insurance company means that the lawyer will also accept lower fees. A qualified personal injury lawyer will struggle to get the best possible result so that the client and lawyer end up getting more money. .

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Oct 2021

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