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What Does No Term Agreement Mean With Xfinity

Oct 14th, 2021

Xfinity is pretty much average in terms of price and number of channels that Comcast/Xfinity didn`t like at all! Where do I start?! Too expensive. They`ve changed the range of channels more times than I can count to their liking, only to make you pay more if they`ve changed all your favorite channels to a higher/more expensive range and you`re now left behind with channels that only broadcast news, sports, or reality TV. They also took a lot of on-demand shows/movies with them and blocked some channels on live TV that you can watch on your laptop when you`re not at home/airport etc. There is an error message that says “displayed only at home” smh. so happy that I switched to FiOS. The cheapest fast internet provider goes to Windstream for its Kinetic Gig internet plan, which is set at $55/month. Not only is this plan affordable, but it offers you download speeds of up to 1Gbps with unlimited data and no contract! Xfinity offers a discount for automatic payment and paperless billing. Our prices indicated above reflect the price with this discount that has already been applied. Other ways to save on the Xfinity Internet include using your own equipment which can save you $14/month and bundling with other Xfinity services that can save you $10/month. or more per bundled service.

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